If you’re considering commissioning a technical project, this may help answer some of the questions that you have…

About Technical Projects

Technical Projects mostly show real-world stuff, and demonstrate to the audience the benefits, mechanisms or applications of the stuff in question. Technical Projects can be partly or wholly…

  • Product Videos
  • Explainer Videos
  • Training Videos
  • Medical Animations

Production Process

Techinical Projects rely heavily on us having a solid grasp of the material that you’re aiming to convey, and usually involve…

  1. Brief – The client team relays the aims and practical requirements of the project and – over the course of one or many meetings – educates us in the specific technical details of the task that are required for us to move forwards.

  2. Quote – We produce an Estimate or Fixed Price Quote that outlines the costs and Production Time that we recommend for your project.

  3. Concept – Upon quote approval, we go away and develop one or all of the following… a) ‘Look Images’ – static previews that show key shots of the video in a reasonably well crafted form b) ‘Motion Tests’ to show how we envisage the motion of certain parts to work.

  4. Pre-Production – After approval of the concept stage we usually begin building 3D models, creating animation set-ups and producing ‘Animatics’, rough video versions of specific shots showing the pacing, camera work, motion and audio together. These give a good indication of the essence of the project and are used to aide discussion and if required, iteration to make sure all our ducks are in a row before the main Production stage.

  5. Production – We Animate, Light, Shade and Render the shots to produce the final visuals, buying in a soundtrack and commissioning sound design or a voice over if required. We combine it, edit it and polish it to become the finished piece.

Delivery Formats

From the start of 2018 our standard – recommended – video format will be 1080p (1920×1080) usually delivered as a h264 encoded .mov file. This format is a good all round for
displaying on Computers, Tablets, Projected Presentations, Online & Streaming Services (YouTube/Vimeo).

If we can, we’d be happy to provide any other formats that you may require, talk to us to discuss your needs.

Timescales & Costs

We mostly work on Fixed Price Quotes, where you essentially buy a slot of our production days/hours. This way the development can ebb and flow to best suit the projects needs without the hassle of re-quotes and stress.

We are happy to work together to develop a Production Schedule to set milestones and co-ordinate production meetings and development presentations.

Terms & Conditions

The end result of the work we produce for you – usually the video that was commissioned – and only upon the full, agreed payment – is wholly owned by you, the client, and it’s only with your express permission that we are able to display or use your work in our promotions or campaigns.

All source content (project files, 3D models, textures, technical set-ups etc) that are used in the development and construction of the final project remain our exclusive copyright and under our control. There are occasions when we will pass these master files  to our clients (sometimes for an additional fee) but generally this is not done.

New clients are generally requested to pay a third of the project cost after Concept Development, a third at the end of Concept Design and the remaining third before Final Delivery.

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